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Ameetha Venkataraman’s Visit with Mrs Seshadri, 2009

Batch of 1975 - Meeting with Mrs. Seshadri
I recently got Mrs Seshadri's phone number through a friend.  I had always wondered where she was as I have very fond memories of her. She has inspired, motivated and instilled the spirit of learning in all of us. I think I can speak for many of my classmates who will share this feeling with me.
When my trip to Bangalore was finalised, one of the most important things on my agenda was to meet with her again.  On the second day of my arrival, I rang her and introduced myself using my first name.  She pondered for a few seconds and then when I said my surname....she knew immediately who she was talking to.  This is some 35 plus years on.  Amazing memory!  And then on it was as if I had left her class only yesterday.  We spoke for a while and planned to meet and set a date and time.
Sheela Mathew, Sandhya Seetharam and myself arrived at her house on the agreed afternoon.  She was waiting on her street for us in her usual silk saree, sleeveless blouse, her big bindi and her beautiful long hair (not the normal bun though).  Nothing had changed. I felt it was us who had aged over the years and not her.  We chatted for a hour and her memory for detail was superb.  She remembered our parents, sisters and brothers.  Conversations she had had with them and so forth.  She also had a spread of goodies waiting at her table for us.  We couldn't do justice to it all.
We bid our goodbyes, although a bit reluctantly.  We didnt want to impose on her time although she didn't seem to mind.  Before leaving I gave her a small box of chocolates which I had brought along from Sydney.
I was leaving Bangalore the next day and around 6 pm I get a phone call from her.  I hadn't given her my number.  How she got my number is a story to tell.  However, she took this enormous trouble to get my number just to tell me how wonderful the chocolates were!!!
Mrs. are one of a kind!!! May your tribe increase!!
Ameetha Venkataraman
Sydney, Australia,  2009


(photos used with permission)


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