What happened to my Old School?

For some of us, who have not been able to visit the school in decades, the sudden realization of growth and development of our ‘Old School’ has been overwhelming - I speak from experience. Just a few days ago, I learned that the old Boarding House was demolished and the New Stafford Block has been erected in its place. I saw photos of all the other new buildings.... and suddenly I found myself struggling to comprehend the concrete facts of rapid change - their new massive implications versus the innocence of our small, cherished school in the midst of a lovely and lively community that gave our teenage years a playful ambiance.

After a long preoccupation with the daily fulfillments of our lives, many of us OCs have been able to reconnect - aided by Facebook - and are staying in touch as OGAs through “cottongirls” at yahoogroups. Please join us -- the more the merrier! 

Several former students of BCGS have had the opportunity to visit the old school and have shared their photos with us. You will find them in a section called ‘School Campus’  -  which also lists some of the other changes.

More time warp:

I recently came across 4 terrific old photos from ca. 1928 that show several school girls in the quad demonstrating a lot of spunk and showing off some artistic acrobatic formations. Check it out below and hover on the image to see how that little tree has grown into a spectacular beauty and how it has spread its majestic canopy! The recent photo was taken by OG Anuradha Shetty in 2009, ca 80 years later....

New Stafford Block, St. Pete's Dinner 2009

 photos   by Bina Soundarajan (2009, Batch of 1982 ISCE)  and   Sabine Calkins  (1965, Batch of 1966 ISC)


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boarding house 1965
New Stafford Block, St. Pete's Dinner 2009
boarding house porch 1965

    THIS  (New Stafford Block, photo 2009)   has replaced    THAT   (Boarding House, dining hall porch, photo 1966)

PHOTO CREDIT: Soorjaneel Chaterjie, used with permission

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1985  batch
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areal map of Bishop Cotton Girls' School, Bangalore, India

BCGS  -- Birds Eye View

taken from Google Maps, 2009


Thanks to Patrick Wilson, son of OG Rita Kohlhoff, for giving us access to his old photos


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