Cottonian girls offer glimpse into Kannada and culture

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Cottonian girls offer glimpse into Kannada and culture
Sampada will prove an enriching experience
Anita Lama and Annabelle Mukhia

Pretty young girls in traditional green and white take the stage. They take a few deep breaths and plunge into the act. They are powerful and emote well but what compels your attention is that these convent-educated girls are fluent and convincing as they perform the Yakshagana of Dakshina Karnataka, the Hulivesha of Mysore and the Veeraghase of Gulbarga in chaste Kannada.

These young students are from the Bishop Cotton Girls’ High School, which is putting up an unusual theatrical presentation in association with Spandana, a well known theatrical troupe. The presentation is called “Sampada” which means a glimpse (darshana) of the culture Samskruthi and heritage (Parampara) of Karnataka and will be held on November 6 and 7. Sampada is the culmination of a 45-day workshop on the cultural heritage and history of Karnataka, says the school’s Principal Ms M. Joseph.

Under the able direction of Ms Jayashree who confesses to having learned a lot from these girls, these demure girls shed their inhibitions and take the stage by storm as they transform themselves into the characters, be it a firm but just Pulakesha or a woeful Tippu Sultan being separated from his sons Kshama and Tripti, who play the respective roles, say that Sampada has been an amazing experience which has educated them and giver them so much confidence. while pretty Sonia gushes with pride as she talks of the Veeraghase dance she performs and its strange, wonderful costume. Such fervour and enthusiasm is a rare sight, and the presentation isn't even in it’s final days of preparation.

The entire school throbs with the excitement in anticipation of this landmark in their lives as principal, staff and students join hands to give a powerful message.

It’s a certainty that this special presentation will be welcomed with open arms by literature-loving Kannadigas, but for the rest of the population, just watching these spunky girls give their all will be reward enough.




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